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Trademark Searches

Our Trademark search services include any trademark search you can think of. National, regional worldwide, identical trademarks, similar trademarks, potentially conflicting trademarks, company names, internet domains, phonetic similarities, meanings connotations, full clearance searches. We have simple stepwise approach allowing maximum flexibility and searching only what is really relevant.


Patent searches

Starting with simple searches in a particular area of interest without any review of the documents found up to in depth patent content analysis in certain areas of interest, we provide quick and simple access to the relevant information using our visiopat® database system. State of the Art and Freedom to Operate searches are services we can provide in many technical areas, including mechanical engineering, construction, telecommunications, sports equipment, medical devices, physics, and many more.


Patent Monitoring

Providing an easy and simple access to all new published Patents within the technology area of interest is our approach to providing patent information. Our monitoring provides an insight in your competitors activities and helps ensure that no new infringing patent applications are filed. With our visiopat® database online access to the information required is possible from anywhere, anytime. No in depth knowledge of any national patent procedure or classification system is required, we assist you in determining the search criteria suited best for your needs.


Design Searches and Monitoring

With a special approach combining the use of machine queries and manual viewing, we can provide a unique monitoring and search service for Designs and Image Marks. Our visiopat® Database can handle Industrial Designs just as easily as Trademarks and Patents.


Free Test Account

If you are interested in our visiopat® product, we can provide a free test account with access to a sample monitoring profile.

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