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A patent is valid for 20 years


more or less correct, however very often only a small part of the story, as there is much more to be considered.


Our specialty is the management of patent families, to provide support for annuities, so that it is almost as simple as the heading suggests.


If you have one patent family in 10 countries, or 10 patents in one country, it is often quite difficult, to stay on top of all the different due dates. euromaier® offers solutions tailored to your needs by providing simple numbers for budgeting purposes or in regular meetings for reviewing the patent portfolio.


A design is not a design


A US design patent is valid for 14 years from the registration date. For a Chinese design patent annuities have to be paid every year. Community designs (valid in the European community) can be maintained for a maximum of 25 years if renewal fees are paid every 5 years.


We provide the overview and support you in maintaining your design rights.

Trademark, company name and domain


Both company and product names can be protected as a trademark and the corresponding domain can be reserved. The registrations remain valid only if all maintenance requirements are met.


Even if you have a registered trademark, the corresponding domain can be lost if the fees are not paid in time. euromaier® maintains your trademark and domain names worldwide and provides support in conflicts, by proposing and executing the appropriate steps.


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